RIOT is offering consumers a chance to feel and try out their luxury pieces for themselves. The collection consists of a selection of classics including Chanel jackets, Chanel handbags, and Chanel shoes. In addition to a few vintage, highly sought after, Christian Dior pieces.

For those who have fallen for the “roaring trend” of the season, RIOT has a collection of animal prints from designers such as Versace, Dolce& Gabbana and Roberto Cavalli that are sure to keep their wardrobes on trend.

The 80’s redux is a big theme this season and accordingly RIOT will be showcasing an 80s inspired collection from the likes of Saint Laurent and Balmain.

The RIOT pop up will also be bringing RIOT’s editorial content to life with oversized bags, cool clutches, to die for boots, sunglasses and designer jewelry that you can’t live without.

The RIOT X LE BHV pop up will bring the exclusive and seamless online shopping experience to life. RIOT knows how the customer loves to shop and caters to a wide-reaching audience through trend focuses. Ultimately, providing the coolest shopping destination in town.