IZU Brasserie

Created by the forward-thinking Chef Izu Ani, IZU Brasserie, located in Le BHV Marais, City walk is a humble, informal dining spot with the soul of a traditional brasserie, serving simple dishes inspired by Mediterranean culture with a Italian influence.

IZU Brasserie embodies the same characteristics as its namesake, Chef Izu, a place where guests are friends, gathering together in an intimate and welcoming environment, experiencing and sharing good food together.

The simple menu has been designed using high quality ingredients to create consistently good food. The key feature at IZU Brasserie is the kitchen counter, inspired by his own home, the kitchen is a place of activity during social gatherings. At IZU Brasserie guests walk right up to the kitchen bar where their order is taken, prepared and served by the chef allowing guests to have a dining experience directly with the kitchen.



Chef Izu

Growing up in London, Izu’s passion for the kitchen began during his home economics classes at school. He finished his studies and launched into his career by joining Michelin-starred “TheSquare” in Mayfair. After four years, he was inspired to travel to France to experience Nouvelle cuisine first hand. Living here for 6 years encouraged and influenced his culinary style and flair for French flavours.

Many countries and Michelin-starred restaurants later, Izu returned to London drawing on his inspiration in Europe, attracting attention in the industry due to his integrity insourcing only the most sustainable produce and his empowering leadership style.

Izu lives by the ethos that life is not about ownership, everything is learned and borrowed and when you learn that nothing belongs to us, you can consider that you have learned only a small proportion of what there is to learn in life.

His ambition is to share this knowledge and process of learning with others to be passed onto to future generations to come.

“Good food is all about the product rather than focusing on the ‘transformation’,
and I’m not looking for glory, I want guests to feel free, to feel at home, to be able to enjoy good, nutritious food all the time.
Spaghetti with tomato sauce, Pomodoro.. it’s the hardest thing to get right but it’s the easiest thing to do.
I like my food simple but interesting, this is also the ethos of IZU Brasserie.”

*IZU Brasserie and Bakery can be found inside Le BHV Marais in City Walk.