IZU Bakery

Created by the forward-thinking Chef Izu Ani, IZU Bakery is the big sister of IZU Brasserie.
Chef Izu’s passion for every neighborhood to have really good bread and viennoiserie led him to bring IZU Bakery to the residents of City Walk and Jumeirah.
Bread and coffee being common staples in most cultures, are essential components of a good breakfast in Europe…. and IZU Bakery has captured the best of multicultural breakfast practices, from the way the French start their day with a bowl of hot chocolate and baguette with lashings of butter and jam to the Italians, who prefer to have a quick breakfast whilst standing, consisting of a coffee and bread or ‘fette biscottate’.
IZU Bakery brings a whole new thought process and change in behavior on how guests start their day. A good breakfast should been joyed everyday, not savored only for the weekends. At IZU Bakery, good coffee, fresh bread and viennoiserie are accessible for everyone, everyday.



…A lively, friendly neighbourhood Bakery, flooded with natural lighting where the smell of freshly baked bread welcomed residents from the moment the Bakery doors open at 7am.
…The friendly, personal ambiance brings a sense of community spirit to the local neighbourhood, where guests are ‘regulars’, becoming friends with staff as well as with one another. They visit the Bakery for morning coffee and croissant, light lunch and fresh bread everyday.
….IZU Bakery is the place guests are proud to take their family and friends because they have built up a rapport with the staff (as well as love for the food!!)
…IZU Bakery is the local Bakery making great coffee and the best bread accessible for all to enjoy and appreciate.
…IZU Bakery is the start of a new behavior; eating out for breakfast is not only restricted to the weekends as a treat. Guests deserve the best everyday!

*IZU Bakery and Brasserie can be found at Le BHV Marais in City Walk.